September 15, 2020

1. Monitoring asset health with the help of artificial intelligence

The largest power transmission line in the world is located in Belo Monte-Rio, Brazil, and accounts for 2,543km-long. Whereas the tallest transmission tower ever built is 370 metres high and can be admired at Mount Damaoshan in China. Impressive, right? Now try to picture these gigantic assets, spread throughout an immensity of kilometres, aged by time, exposed to extreme weather conditions, hugged by growing vegetation, and visited by storks who find them as attractive as a flat in the city center. It is very likely that defects and missing inventory start to pop up. (Figure 1)

December 18, 2020

In early 2019, Sterblue was announcing big plans to re-invent the world of energy infrastructure inspections into the United States. Shortly after, the company took an important step towards achieving that goal. Thanks to the collaboration with a large American utility, Sterblue has learned and grown massively, ending up performing a premiere project on American soil: the first fully automatic hyperbolic cooling tower inspection, as described by Commercial UAV News.

The success of the operation gave Sterblue and the utility confidence to begin discussing larger inspection initiatives. Since then, Sterblue has executed contracts to inspect three additional…

July 15, 2020

Vegetation identified on satellite imagery in Sterblue Cloud platform. The colors classify the level of danger in proximity to the power line, from blue (low) to red (high)

The central platform for asset inspections, Sterblue, upgrades its software solution by teaming up with Spacept, an AI software platform that processes earth observation satellite data, specifically for vegetation management. This partnership allows Sterblue to level up its geospatial capabilities to tackle vegetation encroachment around power lines. Sterblue’s customers now have access to a high value module involving satellite and drone insights fully integrated into the Sterblue Cloud platform.

As an end-to-end solution, geospatial data and location are core aspects at Sterblue. From creating virtual twins of real infrastructures, to monitoring asset health and detecting and classifying…

May 19, 2020

After flying all around Europe, America, Asia and Africa to inspect thousands of infrastructures, in October 2019, Sterblue landed in Oceania for the first time ever!

The goal was ambitious: automate the transmission grid inspection process of an important Australian Transmission System Operator (TSO) using off-the-shelf drones and Sterblue’s artificial intelligence (AI).‍

Curiously, this mission ended up with a switch in roles. For a change, Sterblue wasn’t the only one bringing new and efficient processes to the table… But no spoilers just yet! Here’s a great customer story:

What was so exciting about this mission?

In the energy world, Australia definitely stands out. According…

May 5, 2020

Two years after meeting Sterblue for the first time as part of the Free Electrons Programme, ESB is proud to announce that the French startup has been awarded a long-term contract to complete independent inspections of turbine blades on its wind farms.The decision was taken following numerous positive trials and an extensive competitive tendering procedure. The contract represents a highly successful outcome for the global Free Electrons accelerator programme.

Sterblue builds a platform for automatic inspection of industrial assets using off-the-shelf drones and artificial intelligence. From data capture to data analysis, the company covers the whole inspection…

March 25, 2020

The new coronavirus disease is spreading all around the world and the society we used to know is put on hold for an undetermined period of time. People are locked in their homes, establishments are shutting down, capital cities are turning into ghost towns and a cloud of fear and uncertainty is surrounding the planet. This invisible enemy is threatening not only human lives but also the global economy, forcing companies to adapt and fight against business slowdown.

At Sterblue we believe there is only one way to face the challenge: be even more human.

This article will take you through our journey trying to adapt to the current crisis in the immediate future…

January 21, 2020

Sterblue Cloud platform — Labelling Interface on Wind Turbines

When it comes to making business and pursuing its mission, Sterblue knows no frontiers. After announcing a new office in Los Angeles, California, in the beginning of 2019, the French startup starts 2020 by taking its first steps in the Eastern Canadian market for wind turbine inspections. How? By establishing two important partnerships with key companies in the region: DroneXperts and East Coast Wind.

Sterblue is a platform for automatic inspection of industrial assets using drones and artificial intelligence. From data capture to data analysis, the company covers the whole inspection process in one streamlined interface. …

Teresa Silva

Marketing & Communication at Sterblue

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